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Franklin One-step Folding Stool

Franklin is the perfect one-step folding stool for larger items. With a large capacitystoolhold up to 300 pounds, this one-step folding stool is perfect for holding or storing large items. The sleek design is perfect for any environment.

Best Franklin One-step Folding Stool

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Franklin One-step Folding Stool Amazon

Franklin is a one step folding stool that is designed for lightweight impact resistant. The stool is also lightweight and easy to lift and carry. The stool has a 300 lb. Load capacity and is brand new. this franklin one-step folding stool holds up to 300 pounds and is available in other colors and sizes. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a soft, soft-dish load-carrying stool. It also features a top-mounted toolbox, so you can store tools close to you. This stool can help you stay organized and keep your space in the room. franklin is a one-step folding stool that is designed for lightweight impact resistance. The stool can handle 300 lb. Loads in a single act of purchase. The stool comes with a new, heavy-duty metal legs. The stool is lightweight and accessible in size, able to fit small loads completely. Plus, the impact resistant 300 lb. Load capacity is sure to last.