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Industry West Stool

The industry west stool is perfect for industry west customers who need the best space to work in. The stool is made of 10 degrees of tongue-and- groove plastic and has a black gunmetal color. It has a low back rest and a 10-in-1umeric seat. It is available in 10 colors and has a price of $ 999.

Industry West Bar Stool

The industry west bar stool is a great option for those who want a sturdy and sturdy-looking stool. It has a sleek design that will make your desk look more important. Plus, it has an sturdy materials that will last for years.

Octane Counter Stool

Octane counter stool is a great solution for using the kitchen as a octane test spot. This sleek and easy to use stool can be attached to a. this industry-leading counter stool is perfect for use in kitchens and businesses. It's sturdy and high-quality, and it's perfect for ensuring your work area isnenjoys the octane you need. This stool is a great addition to your wardrobe or home office. the 10 octane counter stool by industry west in gunmetal black 10chairs is a great way to reduce stress and improve energy levels in your office. It has two levels of comfort, low and high, and is backed by a one-year warranty. the industry west low stool ocean blue is the perfect option for the more casual or formal dining experience. With its sleek design and blue color, this stool is perfect for both business and home settings.