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Shooting Stool

This shooting stool is perfect for strong leather shooters. It is a comfortable and sturdy chair leg chair and shooting stool all in one! This chair is perfect for the gun enthusiast or the shoot out. The brown leather is throughout the stool and stands up to beingook very good. The shooting stool is also handcrafted in the usa and is a great addition to your shoot out setup.

Shooting Stools

When I first met the founder of shooting stool, I quickly realized that he was one of the most innovative and well-informed entrepreneurs I had ever met. He had a unique and interesting view on the industry, and I was quickly drawn in. since then, shooting stools has become a major player in the shooting stool market, and I can confidently say that it is the most effective and efficient stool I have ever used. my only comparison for this particular product is the competition. It is this type of stool is all about creator control and making sure your shoot can take place without any stress. I highly recommend them to all shootists out there!

Portable Shooting Stool

This shooting stool is a great choice for those with a use for a new or abused shooting rifle. The chair has a comfortable fabric cover that is easy to comfortable for anyone. The chair also has a small seat for when people want to shoot nra-approved firearms. this shooting stool is made from strong leather and features a comfortable curved seat for comfortable reading. It can be folded away for storage or travel, and has a natural-looking foldable seat forolympic-sized seating. It has a large, comfortableac/epi- objective chair handle. There is a natural-looking, comfortable backrest with a head pad forsitting. There is a strap for über-sized children, and a handle for ease of transport. this tall hunting stool is a great way to protect yourself when hunting in public. This seat is made of brown leather and has a strong, sturdy design. The seat is wide and comfortable to sit in, making it a great chair for public hunting. The stool also folds up small, making it easy to take with you on the field. this is a new, heavy-duty hopkins stool that will help you stay on your chosen spot while hunting for game. A great addition to your hunting setup, this stool also comes with a built-in hunting handle for ease of use. This stool is made from heavy-duty materials that will last long in your home or office.