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Western Style Bar Stools

We offer three types of western style bar stools: the amish made lodge, the log bar stool, or the western style table. We have a variety of colors and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect stool for your needs. We also have a variety of items to choose from in our western style bar stools: stools, t-stools, stools with belts, stools with lattices, and more.

Cow Hide Bar Stools

The cow hide bar is a great place to get a drink and food combination you can never find in other bars. The stool I had are the perfect size and are really comfortable. The only downside is that the atmosphere is a bit boys- only 5 pages of music to listen to while you drink. But overall I would highly recommend the cow hide bar!

Cowhide Bar Stool

The cowhide bar stool is a great addition to any room. The stool is made of sustainable hardwood and is covered in bar stool fabric. The stool has a comfortable design and is perfect for sitting at the end of a long night. our cowhide bar stool with backs has a leveling system in mind, so you can use it as an option or a place to rest your feet. The stool also includes offset backs and clicking heels to provide a comfortable, sturdy position. this western-style bar stool is a great choice for those who love teak wood furniture. It is comfortable and sturdy, and can be adapted to various demanding uses. the holland bar stools are the perfect way to improve your work appearance while supporting up to seven people. The comfortable and sturdy design means that you can work right away or while you drink. The bar stool is also perfect for whooped heads or pool players.